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After another exciting week, the weekend arrived and it’s time for some long term articles. Here are my favorite picks from the web. Enjoy:

  • Kathy Lien is interviewed in CNBC and discusses the long-term direction of the Euro.
  • James Chen provides a fresh video about forex multiple time frame trading.
  • Adam Kritzer asks when the focus will shift back to the dollar, now that Europe is in the limelight.
  • Arnaud Jeulin uses Google Adplanner to analyze global statistics for forex sites. The results are quite interesting.
  • Casey Stubbs discusses forex discipline and offers accountability as a solution.
  • Michael Greenberg reports that will fine inactive forex accounts. Not so friendly…
  • Francesc Riverola brings news about FXCM lending cash to its IBs, and says it’s a smart move.
  • James Wooley breaks down the different trading hours and supplies his favorite hours for trading.
  • Jay Norris discusses the fine line of success.
  • Larry Greenberg dives into inflation in various countries and its impact on forex trading.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!