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As usual, I bring my favorite articles / blog posts that I’ve read this week about forex trading. Here goes:

  • Mish writes about how “Trichet Joins The Beggar-Thy-Neighbour Club”. I also wrote about JCT.
  • Eric deCarbonnel explains how the Federal Reserve uses currency swaps to boos t the dollar.
  • Kathy Lien shares her interview on CNBC [Video]. She speaks about the Euro, Chinese growth, USD/JPY and more.
  • James Chen reminds us of his upcoming webinar. I like his previous one, and I’m looking forward to the next one.
  • Adam Kritzer speaks about China NOT being a currency manipluator. At least not yet…
  • Andrei explains how to set a trailing stop in MetaTrader 4.
  • JamesW talks about how the EUR/GBP is an easy pair to trade. I ranked it no. 2 in my Most Predictable Currency Pairs post.

That’s it! Of course, there are many more interesting posts and never enough time. I hope you find these posts interesting and diverse.

Have a great weekend!