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As usual, I feature some excellent forex-reads that I found on my favorite blogs / sites. There’s a nice mix today:

  • Adam Kritzer talks about the return of Carry Trade, and details on the options traders have.
  • James Chen brings yet another excerpt from his book, this time about how to trade volatility in the forex market.
  • Marc, a new blogger that I’ve discovered recently, talks about the 5 phases a forex trader goes through.
  • Eric deCarbonell points out that China is the only country running a serious surplus, and how this impacts the dollar.
  • Mish analyzes prices in Britain, and adds the UK to the list of countries suffering from deflation.
  • Kathy Lien talks on CNBC Asia about the direction of the US dollar.

I try to allocate articles that have a scope of over one day, and in a wide range of issues. Hope you enjoy reading!