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Optimism has taken control of the markets once again. Will this last? In the meantime, markets are closed and it’s time for some long term reads.  

Here are the my picks.

  • Romain Leick discusses the changing relations between the France and Germany, the long lasting EU power couple.
  • Lior Cohen analyzes gold and its “younger brother”, sliver.
  • Boris Schlossberg explains the ESM and EFSF bailout funds – a topic that is confusing to many.
  • Masa Serdarevic provides some interesting insights on the Spanish bank bailout.
  • Nouriel Roubini asks if the euro is ready for early retirement.
  • John Ward says that the Greece has some good cards to play with.
  • Philip Aldrick reports that the UK could use profits from QE for a tax cut. This is a more direct form of debt monetization.
  • Larry Greenberg takes a deeper look into Japan’s economy.
  • Ron Finberg reports that the NFA finally steps with the topic of  segregated  accounts.
  • Andriy Moraru has a very interesting poll about spreads in EUR/USD.

Here are some long term articles published on Forex Crunch recently: