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The month opened with exciting trading. As Greece was partially put on the  back burner, the US economy issues took over and provided a lot of volatility, culminating in the Non-Farm Payrolls.  

The markets are now closed, and before we have a new week with critical rate decisions, its time to sit back and enjoy some long term reading. Here are my picks. There are quite a few this time, from here and from other sites. Enjoy:

  • Lior Cohen publishes an excellent outlook for gold and silver prices for February 2012. Will gold continue higher?
  • David Rodriguez and Joel Jruger see EUR/USD falling to 1.15 in the H1 2012.
  • Mish doubts that Germany really wants a deal with Greece. With current demands, it’s hard not to agree.
  • Kathy Lien discusses the euro in a TV interview.
  • Larry Greenberg compares economic performance between Obama and Bush. The results are interesting.
  • Izabella Kaminska discusses a 13 point guide from about a breakup of the euro.
  • Andriy Moraru asks: what was your biggest one-time profit?
  • Casey Stubbs has a great forex trading webinar – a great educational video.
  • Michael Greenberg has a great infographic about trends in forex trading. You can guess which pair is on top.
  • James Woolley reports about a new free e-magazine for spread betters and CFD traders.
  • Francesc Riverola discusses the hot forex markets of the South Pacific: Australia and New Zealand.

Here are long term articles published on Forex Crunch this week:

And here are parts of the Forex Quarterly Analysis, released on the site this week. You can download the full report for free by joining the newsletter. It also includes long-term technical forecasts.