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This wild week of action in forex has been good to the forex portfolio,  especially to the riskier traders. As you can see below, the forex portfolio has shown nice growth since last week’s report.

We had lots of bad news from Europe in the past week, and also rising tensions in the Koreans peninsula. This was supposed to be a relatively quiet week, with Americans enjoying Thanksgiving.

Well, one American trade leader on Currensee’s platfrom, Lorenzo Farro, was busy, mostly before the holiday, and is responsible for the majority of the profits. He takes a more pro-active approach.

As this was a busy week, I didn’t have time to make changes in the allocation of funds between the different trade leaders. In the meantime, this passive strategy has worked for me. Should I cash in on the successful traders? Or switch the others? Here’s the list of trade leaders.

I hope to provide answers next week. In the meantime, a 9% yield is quite satisfying for this passive attitude.

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I’ll keep you up to date with the performance, changes in the trade leaders and any other relevant piece of information regarding the forex investment portfolio on a weekly basis.

Full disclosure: I’m affiliated with  Currensee.