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Isn’t summertime supposed to be a quiet period in the markets? Not this summer. The drama around the European summit supplied another roller coaster week. Before the new week ignites further action, it is time to enjoy some long term forex reads. Here are my recommendations, from selected places on the web. Enjoy!

Not everybody thinks it is all over for Greece. The wolves are still around. While the euro dipped after the rally, it still closed higher. We’ll see. Let’s start:

  • Mike Kulej analyzes the future prospects of a rate hike in Australia, a topic that will continue dominating the Aussie for months to come.
  • Michael Greenberg published his comprehensive report for the forex industry, for the second quarter of 2011.
  • Francesc Riverola features an article asking if you have heart for forex?
  • Macro Man made analyzes the debt crisis in a very amusing way…
  • Andriy Moraru provides an interesting poll: is the broker’s country important for you?
  • Jay Norris dives into historic Gann lines, and how they affect the euro.

Here are long term articles published this week on Forex Crunch:

The following site didn’t publish any long term article this week, but I’d like to take the chance to recommend them once again:

  • TradingNRG: Everything you need to know about oil, gas, gold, silver and any other commodity.
  • Forex Live: For non-stop, twitter style updates, about everything going on in the forex market.