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At a Reuters Newsmaker event on Monday, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that the UK was in a mess.

Further Comments:

The UK is testing whether a major developed nation can turn its politics into chaos and survive without serious economic and social damage.

If the buoyancy of the world economy should falter, “we will be in deep trouble”.

The public aren’t convinced either main party deserve to win this election outright.

Both major parties are peddling “fantasies”.

No deal Brexit is not off the table, it is the probable outcome if conservatives stick to their plans.

Labour party is promising a revolution.

The problem with revolutions is never how they begin but how they end.

Suggests second referendum followed by another election is required.

This election is the weirdest of my life time.

We must urgently reconstruct the sensible mainstream of British politics.

If not, “laboratory experiment in populism running riot, will end very badly for our nation”.

It looks like, if the polls are right, that there will be a Conservative majority.

Chances of Labour majority government are negligible if polls are right.

People want this mess to end.

All the spending promises being made are treating people like fools.

I will vote Labour – I have to.

  • GBP/USD refreshes session tops, inching back closer to 1.2900 handle