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As reported by Bloomberg, French President Emmanuel Macron is attempting to reach across the current divide between Britain and EU leaders in Brussels, stating that he’d welcome the UK back into the EU with “open arms” if they decided in another referendum to stay, further enticing UK Prime Minister Theresa May to unleash another civic vote on EU membership, a move that PM May has thus far rejected flatly.

Key highlights

Macron noted that it wasn’t up to him if Britain holds another referendum, but did take the opportunity to suggest that the pro-leavers “lied” in their efforts to campaign for the original Brexit referendum, and that separating from the European Union is much more costly and more complicated than Eurosceptics initially  thought.

On the same side of the coin, the UK’s Labour Party opposition leader notes that a second referendum on Brexit would be a way to avert a chaotic no-deal Brexit, and a way to head-off a potential hard landing for the British economy.