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FXBeat is a service for forex traders that want short, quick updates about news moving the markets as well as hard-to-find order data and quick, witty and swift analysis, all while keeping a smile on traders’ faces.

The FXStreet backed service has recently gone premium, and  here  good reasons for why it’s worth it beyond the 30 day trial.

Smooth user experience

There is no need to refresh the  page nor  stick the nose to the screen: the page refreshes automatically if you wish and provides a sound alert for every new item that is unleashed. This means you can just leave the site on and  look into it once you hear the  notification.

Are you  interested only in specific currency pairs? Specific topics? The Filter by tag feature makes it easy to focus on exactly what you want, without anything else.

And another advantage of a premium service is that there are no  advertisements – no distractions to draw you away from the valuable information. Needless to say, the website works perfectly well on a desktop, a tablet and a mobile phone.



The people and the info

Jamie Coleman, Gerry Davies, Peter Fell and Matt Bacon-Hall  are veteran market participants and have a vast amount of experience as well as contacts in various financial centers and trading rooms.

Expectations for economic figures are well known and available on various calendars, but the “whisper numbers” or the rumors are not known to all, and they certainly have an impact on the markets. Following FXBeats  gives traders a better understand of the latest swings.

We sometimes simplify  approaches to forex as either “technical” or “fundamental”, but a lot  of the daily moves depend on the flows: a buy order of a Middle Eastern bank can lift the euro regardless of the latest German survey or a touch of the 200 DMA. These guys get this valuable  information via their contacts and you get to read it.


Vibrant community

Since their early days in Forex Live and and FXBriefs, the team has given a lot of  attention to the site’s participants. This includes reacting to comments, highlighting them occasionally in news items, opening up Q&A sessions and even dedicating  occasional posts to users’ requests.

Also from a user experience perspective, the community gets a lot of attention: commenting is made easy as  you are already logged in. No need to fill any additional details.

In addition, the latest comments are always present on the right  hand side of the page, so you can see what the latest buzz is, and if your comment was answered.


Bottom line

Basically, in the sometimes cold world of trading,  on FXBeat you get the feeling that you are never alone.

Do you want to give it a try? Start here. There is a 40% discount for an annual subscription.