Germany’s Merkel: We will extend the November lockdown measures to December 20


Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel recently crossed wires, via Reuters, while conveying an extension to the one-month-long partial lockdown measures, announced on November 02, to December 20. She cited worries for the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread while saying that the daily infections remain far too high and lives are ending far too early.

“This will continue afterward in January unless we reach the infection target,” she said.

The national leader of the key European Union (EU) member also signaled, “Much suggests that 2021 will bring us relief” while suggesting that from December 23 to New Year, family gatherings of up to 10 will be possible.

EUR/USD cheers US dollar weakness…

Despite the downbeat news, EUR/USD remains close to the nearly three-month high of .1930, flashed the previous day.

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