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  • Bitcoin and blockchain are changing the way the world transacts and this is a game-changer.
  • Wealth creation is turning to new technologies lead by blockchain and Bitcoin.

The CEO of Morgan Creek Digital Mark Yusko has very interesting but simple advice for investors; sell Amazon stocks and invest in Bitcoin and blockchain. Yusko was a guest speaker at the Digital Asset Summit. He reckoned that Bitcoin is the crème de la crème of all technologies is arguably the best wealth creator in the world.

Commenting on blockchain Yusko said:

“The genie is not going back into the bottle. It’s coming. The great news about that is it’s going to create the greatest wealth in the history of mankind.”

According to him Amazon stocks are ‘dead’ and investors should make quite exits and slide into Bitcoin.

“Get rid of Amazon. Slide out quietly, no one will pay attention. Sell it. Amazon””dead money for a decade.”

He continued:

“What we’ve been telling institutions is pretty simple. Folks, you’ve got to put one percent of your assets in Bitcoin as digital gold. It’s way better than gold.”

Yusko’s words were bold and optimistic for both Bitcoin and blockchain. He said that the two will be the conduit for making the “first 10-trillion-dollar company and the first trillionaire.”