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  • Grayscale Investments launches anti-gold, pro Bitcoin  campaign.
  • THe company believes that our future lies with digital assets.

The cryptocurrency asset management company  Grayscale Investments, which is a part of Barry Silbert’s  Digital Currency Group, launched Drop Gold    campaign, designed to lure investors from gold to digital assets.    

“The gold vs. bitcoin battle is going to be epic,”  Barry wrote in his Twitter account commenting the video clip where the asset manager urges investors to admit that gold is now inferior to digital assets as a store of value.

The personages of the clip acknowledge that the world is doomed due to investors’  obsessity with gold and try to escape the  apocalypses  by embracing the digital future. They believe that the safety, efficiency and speed are the key advantages of Bitcoin that cannot be ignored.

“In today’s digital world, traditional ideas about investing are undergoing a radical transformation. Gold is often utilized by investors as a popular hedge against market dislocations and inflation, but is there a better store-of-value asset for our digital age? We believe investment portfolios should reflect that Bitcoin has become digital gold for today’s forward-thinking investors,” the message goes.

 According to Grayscale’s simulations, if investors dropped 15% of a portfolio’s SPDR Gold Trust allocation and replaced it with Bitcoin, their annualized return would be over 15% higher than compare to a purely gold allocation.