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QE is certainly controversial and will continue to stir a debate or a quarrel between various pundits. After this debate, we move on to an interview with FXStreet founder and president Francesc Riverola and top off with a discussion about China.  This is a compilation of previous episodes.

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  1. Gold bugs vs. Krugman:  Quantitative Easing (QE). This happens as the “QE baton” is passed from the Federeal Reserve to the ECB. These banks are not alone. We define and explain it, review the main uses, the benefits and the secondary effects. Does it really work? Will central banks know how to unwind it?
  2. Interview with Francesc Riverola:  We had the honor to speak  with Francesc Riverola, the founder and president of FXStreet – one of the largest forex portals. We discuss trends in the forex industry, Francesc’s observation about the SNBomb, the future of forex as an asset class and lots more.
  3. State of China: The world’s  no. 2 economy doesn’t always get the necessary attention.  We dive into it and explain the implications of the changes going on there.

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