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  • The search giant engine Google has been collecting data from U.S. patients without their knowledge.
  • It is part of a project in which Google wants to use for the development of new blockchain technology.


Google has entered a new partnership with one of the largest health providers in the U.S. to  gather detailed medical records on millions of patients across the country without their knowledge, which has been a secret project the firm tried to keep under wraps.

It is dubbed “Project Nightingale,” which has been a secretive program brought together Google and healthcare giant Ascension, as they collect medical records on patients across 21 states, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The data sharing commenced last year, and has only accelerated in recent months.

Google says it hopes to use the data collected for the development of an application employing AI blockchain technology and machine learning to track patients and recommend treatments, and ultimately has its eye on creating a search engine that can aggregate disparate patient data in one place.