Grayscale Investments, LLC believes Bitcoin can act as a hedge against the U.S. – China trade conflict

  • Asset management firm Grayscale Investments, LLC believes released a report on Bitcoin as a hedging tool. 
  • Grayscale says that Bitcoin has the capability to act as a hedge against economic tensions. 


Grayscale Investments, LLC, the asset management firm based in New York has published a report on where they requested fund managers to include Bitcoin (BTC) into their portfolio as heading tool against the risks of US-China trade war. 

They defined the cryptocurrency as “an exciting financial technology and investment opportunity,” Grayscale believes that Bitcoin the capacity to act as a hedge against the delaying economic tension.

Grayscale’s report detailed:

With continued adoption, Bitcoin represents a transparent, immutable, and global form of liquidity that can provide both wealth preservation and growth opportunities. As a result, we believe it deserves a steady strategic position within many long-term investment portfolios.


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