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Greece tops the headlines and for good reasons. The  reverberations go well beyond the debt stricken country. And from one such country to the other, we move to Puerto Rico and make the necessary comparisons. We then cover the NFP and the Fed impact and conclude with next week’s events.

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  1. Greek crisis: As Greeks go the polls on Sunday amid closed banks, we talk about the recent deterioration, the impact on EUR/USD, where we stand now and what scenarios we can expect. The crisis also has an impact on the Fed.
  2. Puerto Rico: Also this territory has debt issues. In some ways, it is similar to Greece, but in other ways it has its own characteristics. We update on the situation in the Caribbean island and the similarities with Greece.
  3. Non-Farm Payrolls  run down: The Non-Farm Payrolls report disappointed on a few parameters. Will it impact the Fed? We analyze.
  4. Preview of next week’s events: It’s not only Greek to us. The Fed minutes and other figures are set to impact markets. Note the Australian rate decision as AUD/USD hit a 6 year low.

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