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Despite a start to a fresh week, the reports of the ongoing Hong Kong civil unrest fail to die down, with the violence escalated, in fact on Monday, as the defiant protestors say that they will never give up.

Key Details (via Reuters):

“Hong Kong police on Monday trapped hundreds of protesters inside a major university, sealing off roads in the area after almost two straight days of standoffs that have raised fears of a bloody showdown with both sides refusing to back down.

Police threatened to fire live bullets if “rioters” did not stop using lethal weapons in the latest flare-up in anti-government protests that have convulsed the Chinese-ruled city for five months.

The protesters numbering about 200 people have assembled an arsenal of petrol bombs and bows and arrows to resist.

Protesters have set fires on bridges leading to Hong Kong Polytechnic University as they try to keep police from advancing on their campus stronghold.

In Monday’s statement, police warned people whom they described as rioters to stop using lethal weapons to attack officers and to halt other acts of violence, saying officers would respond with force and possibly live bullets if necessary.”