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In an exclusive interview with Global Times on Monday, Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh, Iranian ambassador to China, said that Iran will retaliate against the US killing of Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani at the most appropriate time using military action.

Key Quotes:

“Under this circumstance, negotiation with the US is no longer an option for Iran.” 

 “What the US government has done has hurt Iranian people and people in the Middle East. We are definitely opposed to US terrorism and we are against US hegemony. We will choose the most appropriate and severe way to respond.” 

“Our people’s aversion and hatred for the US have been stirred up, and they will strongly oppose the US military presence in this region.”

“The revenge for US terrorist activity will definitely be military actions.”

“Currently, the presence of the US military in West Asia is illegal. We’ve also declared the presence of the United States Fifth Fleet in the Persian Gulf as illegal and terroristic.” 

With these comments, it not surprising that the Iranian parliament approved bill recognizing all US military as ‘terrorist entity’.