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The Financial Times (FT) carried a fresh Brexit story on Thursday, citing comments from the Irish Foreign Minister Coveney, as the Irish Minister calls on the UK PM Theresa May to give way in a crucial Brexit dispute over the Irish border.

Key Quotes:

“We need to get into the nuts and bolts of how this backstop can work and how the concerns that people have can be accommodated.”  

“There is no question of anybody asking for a constitutional change to the make-up of the UK.”

“I think [European negotiators] are going to considerable lengths to try to accommodate concerns around constitutional integrity because nobody here is looking to undermine the constitutional integrity of the UK.”

“This is about taking practical steps that are needed to ensure that goods can travel across the Irish Sea between the UK and Northern Ireland without any fuss or real impediments and trying to put arrangements in place that can work. “If the UK has a better idea in terms of how to do that then I think the EU task force would like to see that in writing. My understanding is that there hasn’t been written proposals coming from the UK side.”