Irish PM Varadkar: Britain to fall into relative economic decline for decades after Brexit


Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar crossed the wires in the last minutes saying that the new British Prime Minister will face very serious reality check upon taking the office.

The GBP/USD pair doesn’t seem to be reacting to these remarks and was last seen trading at 1.2535, adding 0.15% on the day. Below are some key comments as reported by Reuters.

“Always open to clarifications on withdrawal agreement, fundamentals have to remain.”

“PM candidate johnson incorrect when he says irish border can be sorted out in transition phase.”

“Impact of no deal on Northern Ireland will be more severe than any other part of Europe.”

“Britain will fall into relative economic decline for decades after Brexit.”

“Do not have a perfect solution for no deal checks with Northern Ireland.”

“Would like to see entire island of Ireland treated the same, with animal checks at ports.”

“No deal checks at ports would need Britain to accept N.Ireland being treated differently.”

“Also exploring with EU no deal checks at business level, increase in random checks and controls.”

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