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Economy Minister Giovanni Tria was out on the wires in the last hour, saying that deficit will not go above the target of 2.4% of GDP in 2019 and planned growth is conservative.

Additional quotes:

   “¢   Our role is to convince EU partners.
   “¢   The government does not plan “in any way” to leave Euro, EU.
   “¢   Italy/Germany yield spread puts pressure on banks even though the system is sound and bad loans have been cut.
   “¢   Italy’s economic fundamentals do not justify the current spread level.
   “¢   Growth and social cohesion is the best antidote for uncertainty.
   “¢   There are signs of a worsening of the international outlook and of investment recovery.
   “¢   The budget aims to offset a slowdown in economic recovery and stimulate long-term growth.
   “¢   We cannot afford not to increase the deficit, its cost is sustainable and responsible.
   “¢   Growth pace below expectations, ‘fragile’.
   “¢   The budget law aimed at cutting the growth gap of Italy with EU.