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Live from Salford in Greater Manchester, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn go head to head in their first TV debate.

The leaders are making their opening speeches before taking questions for the audience.  

Jeremy Corbyn  went  first with the opening statement.

  • The election gives a real choice, he says, about the future.
  • Labour is offering real hope. The Tory government is failing. He says he will get Brexit sorted by giving people the final say, and he will implement what they decide.
  • Too many policies are failing. Labour  will govern for the many not the few.

Boris Johnson  said  there is only one reason to have an election; to remove the block in parliament, get Brexit  done, and to then unleash this country’s potential.

  • Under Corbyn there would be dither and delay, and two referendums.
  • Together, let’s take this country forward, he says.

Additional information:

This will be the first of many debates in the lead up to the general election next month.

Sky News is proposing Nov 28 for their debate. The BBC also confirmed that they will also be holding two debates scheduled for Nov 29 and Dec 6. There will also be  a series of Question Time specials.  

Here are the times and dates of the events to watch out for:

  • Johnson v Corbyn: The ITV Debate, Tuesday Nov 19 – 8pm (ITV).
  • Sky News general election debate, Thursday Nov 28, TBC (Sky News).
  • The BBC Election Debate, Friday Nov 29, TBC (BBC).
  • The BBC Prime Ministerial Debate, Friday Dec 6, TBC (BBC).