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  • Bitcoin evangelist John McAfee flips on Bitcoin saying it is the ultimate ‘shitcoin.’
  • McAfee now believes the future of crypto lies with the altcoins and not Bitcoin.

In an interesting twist, the controversial and popular John McAfee has defamed Bitcoin referring to it as “the true shitcoin.” The Bitcoin community is trying to wrap its head around what may have changed the heart of one of the most renowned Bitcoin evangelist and maximalist. McAfee once predicted that Bitcoin would rise to $1 million by the end of 2020 after correcting his forecast from $500,000 million.

In his latest tweet, the US presidential candidate appears to have changed his bet saying that the future of crypto lies with altcoins. His tweet implies that Bitcoin has zero uses cases including lack of security, smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Word within the community is that McAfee had a change of heart due to the upcoming presidential elections, which he is supposed to take part. However, a user on Twitter believes that altcoins have no fighting chance if Bitcoin fails. Crypto hunter wrote in response to McAfee’s tweet:

“Lol, I wonder if you just flip-flopping because you are making a run at politics

You know as well as I know   that if bitcoin fail the whole ecosystem will too and altcoins will become the domain extension (not .com but the useless rest).”

Another thread by Ravi said in response to the sudden change of heart:

Who’s the man who was extremely bullish on Bitcoin predicted a million-dollar Bitcoin by 2020 and bet his dik on it and now he lost the bet, backed out, took a U turn, started talking shit instead…Oh yes, that’d be John McAfee.