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Based on the positioning data is for the week ending November 12, the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) says that the leveraged funds sold the US dollar (USD) whereas asset managers bought the greenback after five consecutive weeks of selling.

Key quotes

“Leveraged funds reverted to selling USD, while asset manager turned buyers after five straight weeks of selling. USD positioning will likely remain tied to incoming US data and developments on the trade deal front.”

“Funds and asset managers changed stances on the euro (EUR); the former bought while the latter sold. Sluggish euro area growth is expected to underlie EUR weakness, while the British pound (GBP) has gained some ground on expectations of a win for the Conservative Party at the upcoming elections.”

“Japanese yen (JPY) and Swiss franc (CHF) saw further overall selling. On commodity currencies, funds were buyers in Canadian dollar (CAD) and New Zealand dollar (NZD). With the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) surprising markets by keeping the OCR unchanged, further unwinding of NZD short positions are likely.”