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Leverate, which provides software solutions for forex brokers, launched a new risk management tool. The new tool enables brokers to view positions which are covered with those that aren’t, and also to view strategies of certain traders and to classify them to specific groups.  

In January, Leverate released a scalper protection tool for brokers. The trader interface of LRisk seems like the next step for brokers to have a better insight and control over the traders, especially with having all the critical data on a single screen.

For more details, here is the official press release:

Leverate Launches Cutting-Edge Risk Management Software Platform
April 22, 2012 – Leverate today released LXRisk, an innovative risk-management server that
presents Forex Brokers with an accurate view of exposure in a clean and user-friendly
interface. LXRisk is a departure from Leverate’s previous risk management software in that it
showcases a dashboard view of A-Book, B-Book, Room and Total Broker Status, for a
complete view of exposure and broker revenue.  LXRisk is revolutionary in its simplification
of the user interface that enables brokers to view total exposure and manage execution
strategies, thereby maximizing their risk management abilities. Brokers can instantly and
effortlessly understand total exposure per risk type, as well as total revenue, with a quick
glance at the Total spread column.
“LXRisk is a revolutionary risk management system for brokers. At a single glance, brokers
can view an exact overview of their coverage and non-coverage positions, as well as their
P/L for, both, currency pairs and single instruments.” remarks Leverate’s VP Products Itay
Damti. “The combination of a ‘single-screen complete broker status’, in addition to
managing complex execution strategies, gives LXRisk clients the best possible risk
management tools available in the industry.”
LXRisk empowers brokers to easily devise custom strategies in the Hedging Strategy
Interface. Brokers may set comprehensive personalised strategies that answer all possible
trading scenarios, including per symbol per amount and per risk type.
LXRisk’s Trader Interface feature enables brokers to view strategies for users as well as
assign a trader to a certain group. LXRisk’s grouping function lets brokers apply customized
rules to groups of individual traders. This function is ideal for applying execution strategies
to trader categories such as high-risk, novice, high-frequency or any other custom group
LXRisk’s streamlined interface is user-friendly and easily customizable. Brokers may add or
remove all columns to conform to their personal hedging methods. LXRisk is the gateway to
Leverate’s execution and multiple liquidity solution.