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  • MANA Price Seems To Have Started A Recovery, Rising To $0.87
  • Decentraland on the up after September 7 flash crash where it dropped by over 20%
  • Uncertainty and instability in the crypto market still present but bullish sentiment appears to be on the way.

The MANA price appears to be on the road to recovery after a largely neutral week that followed the September 7 flash crash. Decentraland had reached the $1.02 level on September 6 but the crash quickly precipitated a considerable fall with all recent gains wiped out. A further fall to the $0.79 level on 13 September seemed to indicate that more losses were on the cards, but a 10% recovery since looks promising.

The continued talk about more regulation in the crypto market and one-off events such as the El Salvador Bitcoin conundrum has also had an effect on the MANA price. It is worth noting that this coin appreciated by well over 90% since its July 20 swing low of $0.52 although it has fallen back slightly of late.

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Short Term Prediction For MANA Price: More Upside Towards The $1 Mark Very Soon

As the broader cryptocurrency market continues to appreciate, the MANA price is expected to continue increasing to regain the $1.02 level. This was last reached on September 6 and further positive movement is expected for the DeFi coin.

If the bullish scenario remains on course, one would expect the MANA price to rise to the $0.95 level quite soon. If that resistance is overcome, then the $1.05 level should theoretically be the next port of call for Decentraland. A broader crypto market rally should ensure that this move occurs although possible pullbacks remain likely.

If a bearish thesis were to come into play, the MANA price would once again retreat to the $0.79 level where there is strong support. If a sell off occurs, the price could fall further although that scenario is quite unlikely at this point.

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Decentraland Long Term Price Prediction: Looking Forward To More Gains and Possible All-Time Highs

The MANA price is expected to continue increasing as more positive vibes grip the crypto market. The spectre of continued regulation remains an issue as does the recent crypto tax proposal in the US. However, with a growing list of partnerships and arrangements, Decentraland appears to be a crypto project with a bright future.

Several analysts are tipping the MANA price to reach the $1.50 mark by the end of the year with some advocating the $2 level. That would be a more than 100% rise from the current price although if a broader parabolic rally takes place in the crypto market, this is not out of the question.

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