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  • MATIC Price Currently Sluggish Moving Forward
  • Polygon Partnership with Axelar Should Boost Prices
  • Crypto Regulation Should be a Long Term Boost For MATIC scaling

The MATIC price has been quite static for the past week or so at around the $1 to $1.05 levels with very little movement. Although several other cryptocurrencies have seen strong pushes upward, the same cannot be said for Polygon which seems to be rather stuck in a rut.

The recent sluggish price movement does not however mean that there isn’t any potential for movement on the upside for the MATIC price There have also been recent positive developments including a partnership with Axelar, a decentralised interoperability network that should see some positive price movement for Polygon.

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Short Term Prediction For MATIC Price: An upside swing soon?

MATIC price

Polygon seems to be accumulating at the $1.02-$1.05 levels with the price remaining static. However, this could be the prelude of a bullish upside to things with the MATIC price surging by 10% to the $1.15 level if this pans out.

However, MATIC still remains slightly vulnerable to a bearish thesis, especially if it drops below the $1 level. A sell off could then precipitate things and the price could fall all the way back to the $0.85 level, wiping out all recent gains since July 23.

It is interesting to note that the MATIC price is over 60% up since July 20 when it was trading at the $0.68 mark. It has been slightly static since late July although as indicated, this could all be the prelude for a bullish upside.
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Polygon’s Partnership With Axelar Brings More Integration To DeFi Network

Axelar, the decentralized interoperability network that connects blockchain ecosystems, applications and users, announced a new integration with Polygon. The integration allows users of Polygon to leverage assets from external blockchain networks, as well as to facilitate asset transfers and increase liquidity between ecosystems.

Jayanti Kanani, Co-founder and CEO of Polygon, commented: “There are many exciting developments taking place within the blockchain domain at the moment and we believe it is essential to have cross-chain interoperability to take full advantage of these opportunities”.

“Integrating Polygon with Axelar is an important step towards creating a fully interoperable future for blockchain and we’re looking forward to witnessing how our users make the most of the integration”, he added.

Long Term Prediction For MATIC: A Rise Is Inevitable

Although the MATIC price suffered one of the largest declines across the crypto market in the May crash, it looks like things are on the mend.

The recent Gary Gensler speech also put some perspectives into the fray on crypto regulation. With projects such as Polygon, this can only be a good thing as it weeds bad actors and other shady dealers out of the market. MATIC price predictions long term remain extremely bullish.

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