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China’s highly influential news outlet, Global Times, is out with a story, as it slams the Canadian Trudeau government plans to work on changes to its immigration policy over the Hong Kong issue. 

Key quotes

“The Trudeau government seems more interested in Hong Kong than alleviating its own social and economic problems.

It said the nation would suspend its extradition treaty with Hong Kong and would halt exports of some sensitive goods to the Chinese city. 

It should be noted that Canada’s intervention in Hong Kong is not out of a pursuit of justice, but out of consideration to its relations with the US. Due to its high economic dependence on its southern neighbor, Canada tends to lean toward the US on many issues in order to defend their alliance.

In this context, it would be unwise for Canadian politicians to make nonsensical attacks on China over the national security legislation for Hong Kong, as Canada government is clearly interfering into China’s internal affairs. 

The arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou by Canadian police at the request of the US government in December 2018 has severely damaged China-Canada relations, which will produce far-reaching negative impact on the political and economic ties between the two countries in many years to come.“

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