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In a letter sent to the UK lawmakers on Sunday, Northern Ireland business firm called on the UK government to reach an agreement over Brexit in a bid to avoid the economic and social risks the province faces in the event of a no deal Brexit scenario.

Key Points (via Reuters):

“More than 50 businesses warned members of parliament in an open letter of the dangers of failing to unite behind a way forward that avoids a hard border and protects peace and economic progress in Northern Ireland.

Among the signatories of the letter were major local and multinational employers including Bombardier, Coca-Cola, Danske Bank, Norbrook Laboratories, Queen’s University Belfast, the Viridian Group and Royal Bank of Scotland’s Ulster Bank unit.

The letter read: “A no-deal Brexit will result in significant damage to our export markets, supply chains, consumer spending power and the region’s competitiveness. Such a scenario will both hinder indigenous and foreign direct investment, it would result in significant job losses and will stifle opportunities for the next generation across Northern Ireland.”