NASDAQ launches another cryptocurrency-related index

  • The US stock exchange adds support for decentralized finance index.
  • The index is developed by London-based broker EXANTE.

The Stock Exchange NASDAQ has added a new index for decentralized financial projects ( (DeFi) to provide market information on blockchain companies working in this domain

The new index listed under the ticker Defix has been developed by a London-based brokerage company EXANTE. The broke pioneered the expansion to the cryptocurrency market in 2012 by launching the first-ever Bitcoin Fund. By now the Fund’s investment returns exceeded 70,000%.

According to EXANTE, Defix reflects the momentum of the most promising blockchain projects in decentralized finance industry. Currently, in includes altcoins of six major projects: Augur, Amoveo, Gnosis, Numerai, MakerDAO and 0x.

Defix can be tracked via TradingView and Google Finance services, soon it will be added to Yahoo Finance as well. In autumn, Exante plans to launch a fund based on the Defix index.

It is worth noting, that this year the US-based stock exchange has launched several crypto-related indices, including dedicated indices for bitcoin, ether and XRP,  and a broader crypto reference index provided by CryptoCompare.

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