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  • New Balance announced partnership with Cardano.
  • Consumers will be able to verify the authenity of the products they purchase.

The US-based clothes and shoe manufacturer New Balance and the developer of Cardano blockchain entered a partnership, according to IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson.

An American custom service wants to track the shipments via blockchain. According to the press release, New Balance will use IOHK technology to verify the authenticity of the products. Initially, the program will be launched as a pilot project; however, the companies plan to expand it and use it at a global state.

However, the partners do not plan to use cryptocurrency ADA.

Earlier, New Balance complained that several companies thrive on the brand. However, it managed to build a strategy to reduce the negative impact. The solution developed by IOHK is focused on consumers. It will allow users to make sure that they buy authentic snickers by checking them on the blockchain.  

The pilot project is scheduled to be launched in November. It is worth noting, that lots of cloth manufacturers started to implement blockchain.  Notably, American brand Alyx wants to use IOTA blockchain to track the shipments.