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In an interview with Radio NZ  on Tuesday morning, New Zealand’s (NZ) Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters takes credit for a falling New Zealand dollar, but says the Government is not responsible for falling levels of business confidence.

Key Quotes:

“The Government had affected the value of the New Zealand dollar by announcing a changed perspective on how it  would regard the currency, as opposed to the previous government.”

“The previous government wouldn’t move a muscle when the dollar was so bad for exporters.”

“We’ve been prepared to say, ‘no, no, we’re going to look at the Reserve Bank Act’, and we’ve sent a clear signal we’re not going to put up with a dollar that’s disruptive to our export markets  and New Zealand’s export-created wealth.”

“The Government can set the tone, but not when you’re facing inbuilt bias and prejudice… I saw the farming community and Federated Farmers stand by when the dollar was heading toward US82c. Did they said a word; not a word.”

“The dollar’s been bouncing around at 65, a far better performing dollar for exporters, and do I hear statements of appreciation from them? No.”