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  • OMG Price rises by 2.5% Over Past 24 hours after pullback.
  • Omisego is up by over 100% since July 20 low
  • After period of retracement, OMG expected to continue with recovery

The OMG price has begun some sort of a recovery after having experienced a minor pullback on 24 August. In fact, OMISEGO was down by around 11% from the bimonthly high of $7 on 23 August to a low of $6.36 yesterday. It is now trading at $6.46 and is once again in bullish mode.

OMG looks to be recovering from its retracement although it has appreciated considerably from the July 20 low of 3.22. Omisego is actually up by over 100% from that level having reached the $7 mark on August 23. Although there has been the usual FUD about crypto regulation, this does not seem to have affected the OMG price as it now continues to ascend with a 2.5% rise over the past 24 hours.

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Short Term Forecast For OMG Price: The Rise Is Expected To Continue

OMG price

The OMG price is expected to continue rising slowly short term although some minor pullbacks along the way are to be expected. Omisego increased by more than 50% since its August 6 price of $4.52 and bullish momentum appears to be there.

If a bullish thesis continues to persist, then the OMG price should once again make a beeline for the $7 mark. If this is overcome, then one should expect a 10% rise with the price sailing up to the $7.70 level where it should then encounter considerable resistance. With bullish momentum once again back in the crypto market, this seems to be a likely consideration.

On the other hand, if a bearish thesis were to play out, the OMG price would since back to the $6.25 mark where it should have strong support. This price point remains important if a bounce back is to be made or a sell off is to occur. If the latter scenario prevails then OMG could sink all the way back to the $6 level where support is even stronger.

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Long Term Prediction For OMISEGO: A Continued Path To The $10 Level By End Of Year

The OMG price is predicted to continue rising as crypto market sentiment continues to improve. Whilst the situation in traditional stocks continues to be volatile, the crypto market has achieved some kind of constancy and is currently in strong bullish mode.

Analysts have the OMG price at around $10 by the end of the year. This may seem to be rather far fetched at the moment although one has to keep in mind that OMG has already risen by a staggering 120% since July 20 or just over a month. The potential for even more growth is certainly there.

Where to Buy OMISEGO

If you want to purchase OMG, you can do so on the following exchanges:

• BitBay
The Poland based exchange BitBay is one of the most secure on the market. It has a wide variety of features and is one of the exchanges where you can purchase Omisego (OMG).
• Binance
The other platform where you can buy OMG is Binance. Binance is one of the largest exchange platforms. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. It also offers user-friendly features.

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