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  • The update will only be available to android users.
  • Opera had previously added a built-in Ethereum wallet back in December 2018.

Popular web browser Opera has recently added support for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Tron (TRX) to its Android browser. With the integration, Opera will allow about 200 million mobile users to access the decentralized economy. It also expects to increase the accessibility of cryptocurrencies.  

As per StatCounter’s data, Opera has a total market share of around 2.5% among total internet browsers. Charles Hamel, the head of the cryptocurrency department at Opera, said:

“The browser is the ideal candidate for integrating cryptocurrencies as it is the gateway to so many things in the user’s life.”  

The new Opera update will facilitate Bitcoin and Tron transactions without having to go through the complicated process of installing an external wallet or wallet plugin. It also allows users to access the Tron Dapp ecosystem directly in-browser. In a recent press release, Tron founder Justin Sun said:

“We are proud to connect the largest, active blockchain ecosystem to the best web browser ever built.”

Opera had previously added a built-in Ethereum wallet back in December 2018, making it the first internet browser to do so. It enabled users to easily send, receive, and store Ethereum (ETH) as well as ERC-721 crypto-collectibles. Even though Opera is not the most popular browser, it is making efforts towards adopting the web 3.0 standard. With the new built-in VPN capability, easy-to-access crypto payments and support for both Ethereum and Tron dApps, Opera will be an efficient tool for privacy-conscious cryptocurrency user.