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PFSOFT, a provider of software solutions for traders, has released version No. 3 of its ProTrader software. A lot of effort has been made to improve performance and cut latency times. In addition, the software is now easier to use.

For reference, here is an overview of ProTrader 2. For more details on PFSOFT 3, here is the official press release:

PFSOFT, a leader in trading technology, has announced a major upgrade to its multi-asset trading platform Protrader. The new release, called Protrader 3, is a result of over 24 months of brokerage and end-user analysis in a bid to outpace competition in a market that is saturated with generic solutions.
The company has focused on three aspects which it considers to be paramount qualities for new generation trading platforms to have; enhanced usability, speed, and cutting-edge functionality.
“The driving force for modifying the usability of our platform was market research over the past few years. Specifically, looked into the phenomenon of ‘time-to-market’ and how it can be decreased,” said Denis Borisovsky, CEO of PFSOFT. “We realized that by simplifying and unifying the GUI across all components, from front-end to back-end, we could drastically decrease the time needed by brokerages to learn the system and likewise the time needed by end-users to feel comfortable enough to start trading.”
Besides usability, another challenge that the industry faces is speed. Roman Nalivayko, Head of Business Development at PFSOFT explained, “Latency is such a touchy subject in the trading industry now that we felt the need to make it a top priority in Protrader 3. As a result we cut latency to three times what it was earlier.” Functionality, the third focus point of the company, has been enhanced to include a range of tools for optimized analysis and interactive trading. On the server side, functionality has been expanded to strengthen the multi-asset capabilities of the solution with a focus on powerful risk management rules.
Daniel Carter, Managing Director of Velocity Trade South Africa, who reviewed the new version in full mentioned that, “The new features really bring a new level of responsiveness and ease in familiarization with the platform. In comparison to the last version of Protrader, we see a lot of great new functionality that is bound to push PFSOFT further into a dominating position within the trading technology industry.”