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For the first time in its history Poland would hold an all-postal vote, which has not been properly prepared, it seems, as economists at Rabobank note.  

 Key quotes

“The governing PiS is determined to hold elections as soon as possible and use a voting method that has never been utilised at such a wide scale in Poland. The postal ballot has not been even properly prepared according to various independent election experts.” 

“Accusations that the elections were not fair and votes may have been tampered with, would dominate Polish politics for years to come creating an even more tense and toxic atmosphere in public space.”

“Poland’s reputation as a properly functioning democratic country could be severely undermined, which would have negative long-term consequences of lower foreign direct investments and portfolio inflows.”

“Over the next decade, Poland will have to compete with other countries for the shrinking global trade pie and for attracting international corporations. Essentially, democracy may move higher on the list of factors that matter to investors.”