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Robinhood are seen to be a disrupter to traditional financial exchanges and brokers who sell stocks and crypto to investors for a higher fee. The introduction of Robinhood led some of its competitors like Charles Schwab, E-trade and TD Ameritrade to lower their prices to keep up with the likes of Robinhood. 

Robinhood is also a popular investment tool for investors that like to trade the cryptocurrency markets. It demographic seems to be the millennial generation as the investment tools and delivery focus on technology and youth.

Robinhood recently made headlines in March with less fortuitous news as the app had three outages in two weeks. An outage, in the company’s case, means that consumers were unable to trade during specific hours due to technical difficulties. Stability is a massive issue right now and this latest blunder could lead to investors slowing down the size or their deposits and even make them look elsewhere to make their investments. 

This latest investment round now means the company is valued at over USD 8 billion and Co-founder Tenev claims that the latest funds will them launch more products in the nearest future.