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As noted by Reuters, the UKIP, or UK Independence Party, the grassroots political upstart that hopes to steer Britain head-first into a hard-Brexit scenario as the self-styled ‘People’s Army’ of independent conservatives that hearken to the US libertarian movement, is struggling to remain relevant as larger forces take over the Brexit narrative, leaving the spunky political party that is big on slogans but light on details is facing a fracturing from within, implying that the UKIP’s time may be short.

Key highlights

Half of UKIP’s base sees themselves fading out of relevance as the party’s political support and influence evaporate in the UK, while the other half look to defect into Prime Minister Theresa May’s own Conservative party in an effort to usurp the seat of power and install a political ally that has more in common with their Eurosceptic viewpoint.

A lack of clarity at the helm of UKIP sees more divisive  ideas about the party’s future allowed to float to the top, according to Reuters:

Party leader Gerard Batten says that level of support would give UKIP influence again, forcing nervous lawmakers from larger parties to confront the threat of losing votes to eurosceptics.  “If there were a snap election in October we could cause havoc in marginal seats on 7 percent … ‘Remainers’, we know where your constituencies are and we are coming for you,” Batten said in his conference speech.  But the party is also looking to drum up support from the far right by becoming more critical of Islam.  That has unnerved many – including talismanic former leader Nigel Farage, who split opinion at a UKIP dinner in Birmingham when he voiced concern it could prevent the party regaining mainstream appeal. – Reuters