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Protrader presents its mobile application. The press release below shows the main features.

Mobile devices are always an integral part of practically every person’s daily routine. Now they are used not only to make and receive calls but also to serve as advisors and data providers. Traders are no exception to this phenomenon since they always need to have a reliable trading application available even when they are on-the-go.

Here we’d like to highlight some of the most outstanding features of Protrader for Mobile, which is available as a free download on Google Play and the App Store. Upon first launching the application the ease of navigation is immediately noticed. The layout is extremely well thought out, with a main menu that displays a list of available screens for the quick market interaction. In addition, in comparison with other mobile trading platforms, Protrader for Mobile is speedy and stable. So, here are some of the main important features of the new, sleek application.



This is where the trading process starts. In Watchlist user can add all the needed instruments for monitoring. Here information is displayed about Bid/Ask and their sizes, spreads, price changes and other Level1 information. And from Watchlist it is possible to open the most essential tools for trading: chart, market depth, and order entry.



Many mobile apps have too many features that slow down the system. Protrader mobile app is developed with only the most essential functions to avoid having an overloaded app. One of the essential features included is advanced charting with indicators and drawing tools. In addition, there are some special drawing tools such as “magnifying glass” for more detailed bar analysis. Traders can open the “Order Entry” panel from the chart at any time.


Order Entry

Order Entry has an easy and smart navigation where all needed controls are always at a trader’s fingertips. Here users can enter in the type of order, quantity, TIF, and set up stop loss/take profit.


Market Depth

Market Depth is accessible from the Watchlist screen. This instrument is rarely included in mobile trading apps, but it is essential for analyzing available liquidity. Besides, in Protrader for Mobile it is possible to send limit orders directly from the Market Depth section. By clicking on the needed price in the Market depth, the Order Entry panel opens at once with order ready for sending.


Positions & Orders

These are two screens for monitoring current and past positions and orders. From these screens it’s very easy to modify existing orders and positions by simply selecting them. Users can also close all orders/positions at once.


Here users can see the list of available trading accounts and to switch between them. This section also provides reports about balance, trades, order history, and other information.


News is very important during trading. In Protrader for Mobile news is updated in real-time. Navigation among items is quick and very convenient.


Help Chat

Our mobile app allows trading from virtually anywhere which is why traders should have access to support from virtually anywhere as well. The Help Chat screen is for instant messaging with broker representatives.

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