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  • A study suggests that Bitcoin accounts for 98% of Crypto-Denominated ransomware payments.
  • Q1 2019 saw a sharp increase in average random being demanded by ‘threat actors’.

Recent support suggests that Bitcoin (BTC) continues to account for a large share of crypto-denominated ransomware payments. The study came from the Coveware’s Q1 2019 Global Ransomware Marketplace report.

Detailed within from the report suggested that in Q1 2019 the ransomware reach saw a huge increase in the average ransom demanded by threat actors. Within the release it noted:

Handling cryptocurrency continued to be a major source of friction for victims, and thus the threat actors as well. It is unlikely that ransomware rotates towards a different cryptocurrency anytime soon as they are even more nuanced to procure and handle.”

There was an average reported demand seen across exchanges for the ostensible delivery of what’s known as a decryptor tool. This can be used effectively to help victims recover data after a ransomware attack. The figures were touted to have seen a rise of 89% from a median $6,733 in Q4 2018 to $12,762 in Q1 2019.