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Currency Bird is a Chilean payment remittance company.  
They will mostly be adopting xCurrent among all the Ripple payment solutions.

Ripple continues to partner up with financial institutions all over the world. After MoneyGram and Sentbe, the decentralized payment company has partnered up with Currency Bird. Currency Bird is a Chilean payment remittance company.  

As per Currency Bird, the partnership will allow then to add new payment routes and improve the speed and cost of international remittances:

“The addition to Ripple Net will bring many benefits for the more than 12,000 Currency Bird customers, as it will allow the company to add new routes to its more than 50 destinations, new currencies, better prices and faster transfer speeds, all using the technology developed by Ripple based on blockchain, which allows the transfer of digital data with sophisticated and secure coding.”

The company went live on RippleNet this month after signing an agreement in March. While they have not yet revealed which of Ripple’s payment solution it will be adopting, but it will most probably be xCurrent.