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  • Ripple price currently trading sideways after making some good recent gains of between 5-8% over past days. 
  • XRP is up by over 100% since its July 20 low of $0.54
  • More similar movement expected although positive sentiment may induce breakout.

The Ripple price appears to be trading sideways for the time being although it has risen by more than 100% from its July 20 low which is good news for investors. With the continued exposure on the never-ending SEC case, investors are still hesitant to pile into XRP although the potential is there.

For the time being, Ripple is expected to continue making small moves sideways although it did fall below the psychologically significant $1.20 mark on 17 August before making some good gains over the past few days. Positive sentiment across the crypto market may also be a good booster for the Ripple price.

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Short Term Ripple Price Prediction: More Sideways Movement Expected

The Ripple price has been moving sideways over the past few days and though that may seem that interest is lukewarm, a breakout could also be on the cards. After having fallen considerably from $1.28 to $1.13 from 16-17 August, XRP appreciated considerably over the past few days to once again reach the $1.23 level. This means that it rose around 10% over that period.

A bullish thesis would have the Ripple price tag the $1.25 level where it should encounter some resistance. If that is broken, then a rise to the $1.30 level should be the next step with another movement towards the $1.40 mark although there could be some pullbacks along the way.

A bearish thesis would obviously invalidate all this. If that were to occur, then the Ripple price would once again drop below the $1.20 level and probably settle at around $1.15-$1.17. Another sell-off would precipitate the drop to perhaps the $1.10 mark. However, there would have to be considerable negative sentiment for this to occur.

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Long Term Prediction For XRP: Positive Sentiment Over A More Extended Period

Although the Ripple price is currently trading sideways and a prediction is slightly difficult to make, the long-term indicators still look quite bullish. There will likely be some pullbacks along the way but the rise to the $2 level by the end of the year should not be something out of the question.

On a more pessimistic viewpoint, the Ripple price may continue to be affected by the FUD surrounding the SEC case. Add that to the regulation issues which are a constant noise in the background and you could have some negative sentiment surrounding Ripple. Analysts still remain positive however.

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