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Robotero  offers retails traders the technology and data feeds for automated trading, which have  been available only to financial investors.

The technology, made by a company based in Poland,  is available for MetaTrader 4. For full details, here is the press release:

ROBOTERO.COM a new globally unique trading platform for FOREX market, which can be used by investors who have accounts with any broker operating on the Metatrader 4 platform. ROBOTERO.COM uniqueness lies in offering retail and corporate traders the tools to define and automatically execute their own investment strategies, based on forecasts and readings of upcoming macroeconomic data. With the Robotero platform, integrated with MT4, one can build investment strategies for over 300 events from around the world. Robotero makes their forecasts and current readings available in real-time using the Thomson Reuters feed. ROBOTERO.COM executes automated orders using the analysis of news releases published by the agency.

The investor can therefore design his own investment strategy, which is executed in case the actual reading of an upcoming macroeconomic publication matches the criterion adopted by him in the strategy. The benchmark of its definition is the level of the market forecast.


The investor expects the publication of the U.S. Non-Farm Payroll Change. In the past, the publication of this data usually influenced EURUSD in such a way that if the U.S. employment grew, the U.S. dollar appreciated against the Euro and other currencies.
Using ROBOTERO.COM investor designed the following strategy – if the upcoming reading indicates that employment grew more than forecasted (above forecast)- sell X amount of currency pair EURUSD, with a stop loss of 15 pips (0.0015 USD) and take profit of 15 pips (0.0015 USD).

At the exact time of publication of Non-Farm Payrolls Change actual reading ROBOTERO.COM performs automated analysis of the release, compares the published reading with the forecast and if condition defined by the investor in his strategy is met – the transaction is automatically executed with Take Profit or Stop Loss applied depending on the market behaviour.

The investor does not have to take part in the whole process, because it is carried out automatically. This is particularly important for the messages published in the middle of the night or when investors are busy with other life activities (work, travel, vacation).
Robotero is characaterized by automatic reading of the content of the message, low latency response to high-speed data and conducting transactions without


the participation of the investor.
Every day there are from 8 to 20 publications which can be used to build investment strategies for automated execution. To diversify his positions investor can build strategies for different currency pairs for the same news event. If his assumptions about the expected reading and the market reaction are confirmed- on the same news event he can earn on each of these strategies.

A group of investors cooperating with the platform producer conducted a test of a long-term event-driven investment strategy using historical readings. It consisted in performing over 1050 event-driven transactions on each publication of 12 major macroeconomic news events (USA, UK, Germany) between 2007 and 2012. With leverage 1:100, the results show profits of over 154% per year. The historical test report can be downloaded from ROBOTERO.COM .
As shown in the attached Event_driven Profitability Reports in October, November and December of 2012 there were from 45 to 55 (in each of these months) macreconomic publications whose readings sparked considerable market volatility and allowed investors to earn from 7 to 62% ( with 1:100 leverage)

Access to ROBOTERO.COM costs $300 per year (equivalent to approximately U.S. $ 0.82 per day).
ROBOTERO.COM publishes information about upcoming news events (Investment Opportunity) and recently published data (Impact Report) on its Facebook profile.
Technology used by ROBOTERO.COM is patent pending in the USA. ROBOTERO.COM does not provide investment accounts and investors using ROBOTERO.COM must have an MT4 account at a brokerage house.