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As noted by Reuters, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has accused UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plans of being unviable, destructive, and akin to vandalism early Tuesday in response to recent developments in Brexit talks.

Key highlights

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has stated that Brexit negotiations with the EU are at an ‘impasse’, and holding to her guns that a no-deal Brexit would be better than a bad deal, but Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is claiming that even if PM May achieved her Chequers plan ,which continues to look dead in the water, removing the UK from the European single market would be a destructive move not just for Britons, but for other members of the UK as well.

Sturgeon’s comments will be made at the Europa Institute in Edinburgh later on Tuesday, and highlights the strain between Scotland, who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the Eurozone in 2016, and the UK, where public support for Brexit is also beginning to falter, where the referendum to leave the EU was barely won by a slim margin, and the path for Britain to exit the EU still remains as cloudy and unexplained as it was following the referendum.

Scottish support for also remaining within the UK is likewise dwindling as Brexit continues to unwind into a messy ordeal, and Sturgeon is warning that PM May is facing a “mutiny” from within her own Conservative party, though the fact that the Chequers plan has already been outright rejected means that both sides are now finally able to explore whether remaining in the EU is a reasonable or not, something that hasn’t been politically possible since the Brexit vote.

“The prime minister’s current position – that we must leave the single market regardless of the consequences – is an act of wilful economic vandalism,” Sturgeon will tell the Europa Institute in Edinburgh. – Reuters