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A new trade copy service has been launched by  E-Global Trade & Finance Group: Share4You. The company states that the average slippage is only 0.01 pips.

For more information, here is the official press release:

The new “Share4You” social trading platform marks the start of a new era in combining high performance of 0.01 pips of slippage or less, clarity and accessibility for all categories of Forex traders.

E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. announced the introduction today of a companion social trading service to its existing online Forex broker brand Forex4you (   The new service named Share4you is the only one in the Forex market today to offer an industry-leading combination of instant order copying, intuitive ease of use and flexibility in terms of capital to being trading. From initial account setup in a few mouse clicks (Forex4you customers can even use their existing real account directly) to clear displays of trader strategy and style profiles, Share4you pursues a goal of saving traders time and effort. With fully automatic order copying available, as well as numerous automatic/manual options, traders can save on time and effort while maximizing their earnings potential.

Max Lebedev, CEO of Share4you, said, “We can now offer Forex traders a social trading service that goes beyond what has so far been available. With slippage brought down to zero or negligible amounts, order copying can be reliable and profitable in the Share4you environment”. He added, “Our focus on ease of use is then yet another factor contributing to a unique position for Share4you in the online Forex marketplace”.

Both advanced and beginner Forex traders will find the Share4you platform easy and convenient to use. Experienced traders can establish themselves as “leaders” and let other traders copy their trading strategy: earnings on successful copied trades are then split between leaders and followers. Beginners or traders who simply prefer to minimize the time they spend on trading can use “follower” accounts to observe leaders, view their trading styles and select the ones they want to copy.

While profitability and ease of use are both key criteria, Share4you also pays attention to risk management and reduction for traders. Instant order copying (on average only 0.01 pips of slippage or even less) eliminates the risk of any negative price change before the copied order can be executed, while possibilities for diversification in following leaders and scaling or copying fractions of orders also contribute to a lower risk environment.