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Signal Factory joins the sometimes obscure world of forex signals, and aims to upgrade the scene, picking the best traders who trade their own live accounts. Singal Factory bridges between the signal providers and the traders.

There are tons of forex signal providers that are successful only on demo accounts, some of them just modify existing open-source EAs, make small modifications and sell them, sometimes for hundreds of dollars per month.

Signal Factory

For this selection of profitable providers on real accounts and this real time advice for forex traders, Signal Factory charges $28 per month from the traders, with a 14 day free trial period. They don’t serve as a broker or as an IB.

This service is still in beta, and will undergo significant expansion in the near future. See more details at

In the jungle of signal providers, with many offering unreliable “get rich quick” schemes, a screening service for signal providers is definitely necessary. The price for their service sounds very reasonable. Signal Factory will be tested by their success in bringing successful providers that are sustainable for a long period of time.

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