SoftBank launches a card with a built-in crypto wallet

  • The wallet will work as a traditional debit card with an in-built crypto wallet. It’s currently available only in Japan.
  • The SBC cards are expected to provide increased security and better accessibility compared to other existing wallets.

SoftBank, a multinational conglomerate holding firm, is launching its own SBC wallet card “SoftBank Card 3.0” The card will function like a traditional debit card and has a built-in crypto wallet. The card has been created through collaboration with a wallet development company named Dynamics. In comparison to traditional wallets, the SBC cards are expected to provide increased security and better accessibility.

Having their own encryption system, the cards can perform both hot and cold wallet functions. These cards are supported by an application that comes with the “legal currency storage function, credit card function and electronic payment service.” Thanks to these features, the time taken for block confirmations while performing digital currency transactions are eliminated. 

The announcement stated:

In the version of Softbank Card 3.0, the Wi-Fi function, the fiat and digital currency switching buttons, and the information display screen are integrated. In the Wi-Fi module, the SBC implements a hot wallet when the Wi-Fi function is turned on, and a cold wallet when the Wi-Fi is turned off.

The latest SBC wallet card is presently available only in Japan where it’s making a push with 10,000 stores. The card is also expected to be released in other countries including the US.

SBC Wallet Cards have received strong support from well-known local agents, and a payment system for 10,000 stores in Japan has recently been opened, and will be available in the United States, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Dubai. With the SBC Wallet Cards, the Softbank team is making a big break in the blockchain payment arena.


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