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Following the resignation of Sharira Amin, also Nile TV presentor Soha al-Naqqash quit the state run Nile TV. She refused to continue doing “unprofessional” work and broadcasting propaganda about the protests in Egypt. More and more workers of the government lose their fear from the regime. Is Mubarak on his way out?

Demonstrations are getting larger in Egypt – the masses in Cairo extended their presence from the famous Tahrir square all the way to the Egyptian parliament. Yesterday there were talks that the office of the prime minister is under siege. This extension of protests came after Wael Ghonim’s dramatic interview on Dream TV. This helped many Egyptians realize what is going on.

Vice president Omar Suleiman said that he the protests can’t go on for too long, and that he fears a coup.  There are reports about strikes planned in key places such as the Suez Canal company and state-run media companies. If these bastions fall, the regime could be toppled.

Regarding the Suez canal, these talks haven’t had an impact on the  price of oil. Not yet. Also the US dollar is very stable – EUR/USD is around 1.3620, not different from earlier in the day.

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