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SortFix can be easily used to get ideas for content refinement. Here’s an example of such usage, and also an idea for hte next step.

SortFix Content Refinement

As a publisher, I want my content to reach a wide audience. Search engine traffic is important to any publisher. One of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods I use is content refinement. This means that I try to tweak the content that I’m already writing in order to target certain keywords.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll totally change my content in order to satisfy search engines. The goal is to do the little tweaks that will make a difference.

One of the pillars of my site’s content is the daily forex outlook. This section holds the biggest portion of the content, is read by the readers and is popular in other forex related sites.

This  section is that it doesn’t get enough traffic from search engines. I would like to see casual readers join regular readers in my primary content.

How do I make the content rank higher on search engines?

There are lots of possible SEO methods and lots of material about this subject. Not all SEO experts know where to begin.

I begin with SortFix. Searching for daily forex outlook on SortFix yields very useful power words. The first word is “market”, a word which I already use a lot in the daily outlooks. But the second word, “signals” slipped my mind. I commonly use the word “indicators”. Replacing “indicators” with “signals” will help me rank higher.

Another word that I found on SortFix is “summary”. Similar to the word “signals”, adding the word “summary” to the daily outlooks won’t really change my content, but will refine it for search engines.

The next level

Some of the power words don’t just help you refine your content, but also give ideas for new content. In this example, one of the power words is “China”. I don’t cover China in my daily outlooks. I didn’t think it’s important enough. Sortfix hints me that it is – people are searching for it.

If you’re new to these content matters, I suggest that you start checking out SortFix for content refinement, and later get ideas for writing content.

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